Assistant 2

ScreeningAssistant 2 (SA2) is a free and open-source software that can be used to perform various simple as well as advanced chemoinformatics analysis around chemical libraries.

Stable release candidate 1 is out!

A new, stable version of SA2 is available for download.

Stable release candidate means that SA2 is likely to be in it's final version in terms of database model, unless important problems are identified in the mean time. The number of issues has been reduced enough to label this version as such, while the database model will not change anymore until next major version (2.*). If the model is changed, updates will be provided to keep your databases compatible with new version of the software.

Note however, that the database created with the previous beta versions are not compatible with this new version! Automatic update of the database will be made available if there are enough requests.

This new version introduces many new functionalities and improvements, among others:

Bug fixes are provided through automatic updates, which means that new versions and fixes will be automatically detected and installed upon startup (or manually - see the documentation).

Enjoy! And the team wishes you all the best for the new year !

New 1.0.2 beta version

This new version includes various fixes and improvements. The two most important changes concern the similarity search which was broken, and missing exported molecules in some specific cases. See the changelog file (included in the ZIP distriburion) for a detailed description of all changes.

Also, the sample datasets and the layout have now been inclued directely in the zip distribution.

First beta version released!

We are happy to announce the first public release of Screening Assistant 2 (SA2). This version contains all the stable features that have been included in SA2 so far. It will be in beta status until the end of august, and the 1.0 version will be released with the full source-code and developper documentation.

A fairly rich (although not completely exhaustive yet) HTML documentation is available for download too, and can alternatively be browsed online. You will find in this documentation all installation instructions, a quickstart guide, a FAQ, as well as other helpfull pages explaining in more details various important aspects of SA2.

ICCS Poster.

You can also dowload the poster of SA2 that were presented at the Interational Conference on Chemical Structures (june 2011).